Customer Agreement

By making a purchase from Bear Customs, a subsidiary of RAMPAGE Interactive, you (or a parent/guardian, if you are a minor) acknowledge and fully agree to all the terms and conditions outlined below.


  • "We", "Our": Refers to RAMPAGE INTERACTIVE, the operator of this Tebex store.

  • "You", "Your": Refers to the individual purchasing from the store.

  • "Source Code": Refers to any collection of unsecured, unencrypted, or non-obfuscated human-readable coded statements in any programming language, including (but not limited to) Lua, HTML, CSS, C#, JavaScript, Java, etc., contained in a single file or a collection of files.

  • "Resource": Refers to a collection of source code files intended to create functional tools, items, functions, or procedures for a FiveM server.

  • "FiveM": Refers to the framework for Grand Theft Auto V (Published by Rockstar Games) entitled 'FiveM' created by (for more details, see

  • "Product(s)", "Assets": Refers to the various products and services available for purchase on this store.


  • You certify that you are an authorized user of the payment method used for purchasing from our store (e.g., credit card) or have obtained explicit permission from the account holder.

  • During the checkout process, you will provide accurate and truthful customer information.

  • You acknowledge that refunds are not guaranteed under any circumstances, though we reserve the right to issue refunds at our sole discretion.

  • You agree not to dispute or chargeback any purchase made with a valid and authorized method of payment. Doing so may result in the restriction of your account from future purchases with us. For refund requests, contact us via Discord (


  • You are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your account. Any loss or compromise of the account containing your licenses may result in the loss of access to purchased assets. While we may consider refund requests or other accommodations, such actions are not guaranteed.

  • We do not guarantee that our resources will be compatible or function as expected with your server, as we cannot predict all possible server configurations.

  • We do not guarantee continuous support, updates, or bug fixes for any resource.

  • You shall not attempt to bypass FiveM Resource Escrow systems, reverse engineer our source code, or reproduce a resource using any part of our source code directly.

  • You shall not attempt to recreate, resell, rebrand, or distribute copies of our resources in any manner.

  • We reserve the right to revoke access to our products or terminate payment agreements at our discretion, which will only occur if we determine that this Agreement has been breached.

HOLD HARMLESS By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge and agree that RAMPAGE INTERACTIVE shall not be held responsible or liable for any damages, losses, or injuries resulting from the use of our products. We provide our products "as is" without warranty or certification of any specific outcome for the end user.

JURISDICTION This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Oregon, United States, without regard to its conflicts of law principles.

ACCEPTANCE By completing a purchase from RAMPAGE INTERACTIVE, you certify that you have read, understood, and unconditionally agree to all the terms and conditions outlined in this Customer Agreement. If you are under the age of 18 (or the local age of majority if higher than 18), you affirm that your parent or legal guardian has read and agreed to these terms.

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