Data Collection & Rights

SCPF Panel is a proprietary software developed by RAMPAGE Interactive. SCPF Panel is not for sale.

What we collect

We collect information specified on the OAuth page. Data authorized may be displayed to certain users on our site. Email addressed are never shown and only used internally for notifications.

Our OAuth page does not display we collect group information, This is not displayed to save us database storage storing up to 200 groups per user. We will use your UserId to make API calls for your group information for security restrictions to your relative SCPF's group structure.

If you have any questions please contact us on our Discord.

We cannot help you if you we're Class - E, X abused X in-game, etc. Please contact your relative administration for that.

Data Erasure

We don't care where your from, you can request deletion of your data for any reason. Data is automatically deleted when you press "Logout"

To request full-data deletion (data tied to a Class-E Registry such as a Email for automatic notifications) please contact us at [email protected].


Email: [email protected]

System Admin: [email protected]


  • Do you collect IP Addresses?

    • No.

  • Will SCPF Panel ever be Open-Sourced?

    • Most likely never.

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